Valueing the Ending

The most ultimate ending we experience is the death of a loved one. A moment of reflection on somebody’s life. A moment where not just the life of a person comes to an end, but where – for a certain period – time stops for all close relatives. And where a sudden period of reflection knocks in. A beautiful ritual to honour a life that has come to an end. When somebody dies we are forced into a ceremonial period to value the ending.

But… Endings are to be valued in many aspects of life. During the last Breath LAB of 2019, we moved and breathed with the theme Ending. Because often we rather forget about allowing proper time for ending something, for ending a project, for ending a contact, for ending a year. Or for properly ending our exhale…..

Do you have the patience for a real ending to happen? Are you rushing around to get everything done of your to-do-list? Are you always making new plans? Where is your focus? What gets your attention? Do you really allow for full endings?

Why would we value endings?

Endings get value

How to value endings?

It does not need to be compelling. Small practices can support honouring endings.

Finally, value the endings as much as the beginning and the doing. Deliberately make it part of the activity or of the project.

Enjoy celebrating endings!


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