Making online classes active and fun!

Five weeks I posted weekly videos with experiments for energizing and fun online classes. Videos with tips&tricks to make your online classes fun. But not only that, I also shared the physiology and psychology, so that your classes are not just a trick or a method, but rooted in scientific knowledge about our neurological and endocrine system.

Find the series of five videos below.

0. Introduction

1. Zoom vs Teams: Creating social safety in online classes

Creating a safe space is crucial for people to open up and be activited. Especially in online classes it is a challenge to create this safe environment. The effect the chosen teaching platform has on this is often underestimated. In this video I explain why navigating in a group is crucial to experience safety in the online group. As well as that I show why Microsoft Teams does not allow for creating this safe group environment.

2. A start that engages immediately

When we don’t feel safe we will keep on scanning the environment for safety. This reduces the ability to learn and engage. An activating start of the class, that also creates bonding will enhance the perception of safety in the class. That will pay off the entire class.

3. Stories enhance social engagement

Do you use stories in your class? Personal stories? Or do you bring your content alive by making stories? Stories are a powerful tool to engage and they also put content in a larger perspective. They help us to memorize. In this video more about stories……

4. Need attention in online classes? Do this!

Do you wonder why some people draw your attention and others let your thought drift off? It’s often a matter of the speaker’s energy. In this video I give you a tip to twist your energy, so that your adience will keep their attention.

5. Increasing intelligence through movement

Movement in your classes is fun and it’s scientifically proven that it enhances the learning. But how to introduce movement to students. In this video I will give you a simple tip how to do this.


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